Advantages of Ultrasound – Guided Foam Sclerotherapy:

  • Keyhole treatment
  • Useful in treating recurrent varicose veins
  • Outpatient/office based treatment
  • Compliments laser and radiofrequency treatment of varicose veins
  • Relatively cheap

With vein stripping and invasive operational procedures now being outdated we offer a wide variety of cutting edge treatments to assist with varicose vein conditions. One way that patients can be treated successfully is by using a treatment called foam sclerotherapy.

Foam sclerotherapy can be performed with both ultrasound and infrared assistance and is normally carried out under local anaesthetic. A solution is mixed that creates a foam that a surgeon will then inject into the affected vein. The ultrasound would be used to guide the injection to the correct area and simplify the procedure.

Reaction to the foam is immediate, inflaming the vein and pushing out any blood in the area affected. The stickiness of the foam bonds the walls of the vein and eventually closes it off all together. Over a period of time the varicose vein will shrink and ultimately disappear.

Bandages will be placed on the leg immediately after the injection to ensure that the walls of the vein are held together and these bandages will need to be kept in place for approximately 24 hours. Patients are often required to wear compression stockings for a number of weeks after the procedure to aid healing.

Our team will provide a full programme of what is needed to be done following the procedure to make sure that all patients recover successfully.

The obvious advantage of this type of procedure is the decrease in soreness as compared to old fashioned surgery.

Conditions treated by this: