Diagram of Glue Treatment

Diagram of Glue Treatment

Advantages of Glue Treatment:

  • Can be performed in the office/outpatient environment
  • Is relatively painless
  • Very little bruising of the leg
  • Minimal local anaesthetic required
  • Return to work within 24 hours

At the British Varicose Vein Centre we are constantly exploring new and better ways to treat our patients and one method that has become popular over the last few years is the use of glue treatment, also known as Acrocyanate.

In this procedure a medical adhesive is used to effectively and safely treat varicose veins. Only a local anaesthetic is needed (so that lessens the need for further injections) and also this method eliminates the need for heating the affected area so vastly reduces the chance of any skin or nerve injury.

The medical ‘glue’ sets within a few minutes so the veins walls are immediately bonded and this is then checked by the use of ultrasound. Unlike other methods there is no need for bandages or compressions either.

Conditions treated by this: