clarivein-logo In our constant effort to provide the very best cutting edge methods to treat varicose veins we can also offer Clarivein treatment to our patients. Clarivein treats the varicose veins which cause spider veins, thread veins or broken veins and the restless leg syndrome.

The British Varicose Vein Centre has a pioneering and dedicated tradition in offering keyhole treatment for varicose veins. As a result of this specialisation, patients enjoy a walk in and walk out environment so that a return to work or gym activities with minimal downtime is common.

Clarivein treatment for varicose veins is performed under local anaesthetic and is a keyhole treatment for varicose veins in which the internal lining of the main feeding varicose vein is destroyed by a rotating wire in conjunction with a chemical agent. The varicose vein will stop working all together and then vanish over a short period. This is all achieved through a single pin hole.

clarivein-machineThe advantages of Clarivein treatment for varicose veins over other key hole varicose vein treatments such as endovenous laser ablation for varicose veins or radiofrequency treatment for varicose veins is that it is quicker, only minimal local anaesthetic is given and there is less bruising. There is also no heating of the varicose vein.

Clarivein treatment for varicose veins is however a new treatment and so the long term data is not yet available. Despite this, the early data we have suggests it is an excellent method of treating varicose veins.  Not all varicose vein treatment is suitable for Clarivein and will therefore complement existing varicose vein treatment.

Our vascular specialists will guide and advise you on best treatment for your specific vein needs.


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