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Before & After

Advantages of laser treatment:

  • Quick and simple procedure
  • Includes only a local anaesthetic
  • No scarring
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Rapid recovery

Thread veins can cause a number of symptoms which can vary from a simple unsightly cosmetic issue to itchy skin and eczema, bleeding of the skin, pain and sometimes ulceration. In many cases thread veins have no underlying cause and often appear on the outer thigh and can be safely treated by a number of methods that may include infra red sclerotherapy, veinwave therapy or laser sclerotherapy. The choice of therapy is usually dependent on the size of the veins, the appearance the number of thread veins and how densely packed the veins and whether there are feeding veins. If there are feeding veins then laser sclerotherapy and veinwave therapy will not be effective.

Very often thread veins that appear on the inner thigh or on the inner or outer calf have an underlying cause which may be a hidden deeper varicose vein and the appearance of the thread veins may be as a consequence to a “volcano” effect from the varicose vein. In these scenarios any treatment of the thread veins without addressing the underlying varicose vein cause often leads to disappointing results. This volcano effect may be the case in more than 80% of cases. In these cases a vein screening or checkup will determine whether this is the case and it may advisable to have the vein screening health check prior to stating any treatment.

Before & After

Before & After

The consultant will advise which treatment for thread veins is best as there are many different laser devices available and some are better than others and often it is not one treatment fits all. The latter emphasis the importance of a vein screening health checkup and assessment by a vein specialist.

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