swollen-leg-associated-with-video-2swollen-leg-2Unilateral leg swelling is very often caused by venous problems (issues relating to the veins). These can be varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis or a narrowing of the veins that drain the legs of blood. But other non-vein related reasons could include arthritis, infection or injury. If the swelling of legs is bilateral then the cause may be medical such as fluid retention or relating to existing heart conditions but the condition may also be venous in nature.

To treat this condition we strongly recommend a duplex ultrasound to identify the cause in the first instance – whether it is varicose veins, scarring of the veins, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or a blockage or narrowing of the veins. Sometimes a further MRI or CT scan may be necessary.

Once the cause has been identified the swelling can be treated in a variety of ways including stenting of blocked veins. By using state of the art Veniti and Sinus venous stents we are able to offer patients an unrivalled service. The cutting edge technology used with these kind of stents enable better flexibility and is particularly effective when treating patients affected by “May Thurner Syndrome” in which veins overlay each other causing discomfort, swelling and even blood clots.

Treatments for this condition: