The British Varicose Vein Centre specialises in the treatment of hand and arm veins. This is a new treatment for cosmetically unsightly hand veins. Hand and arm veins are treated with endovenous laser under local anaesthetic, leaving no scarring. Patients are able to return to work very soon after the procedure, depending on their occupation.

Foot Veins are also treated using state of the art laser technology. Foot veins often start as healthy veins. With time, however, they can become varicose veins if a one-way vein valve starts to leak. It is therefore important to examine all the veins in the leg and feet with an ultrasound machine to determine what is causing these veins to swell.

Veins on feet can sometimes become very painful, unsightly, swollen or tender. When this is the case our patients may ask for foot vein treatment or vein removal. Each treatment is bespoke to the individual patient as it is determined by the cause of the condition in the first place.

Foot veins are treated in a number of ways, the most common using endovenous laser techniques. Sometimes our team may also perform a local ambulatory phlebectomy (a small incision to remove superficial veins) to the affected area. All these procedures are performed in an out-patient setting under local anaesthetic. There is no need to admit patients into the hospital and the treatment leaves no scarring.

Treatments for this condition: