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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind



If you suffer from the embarrassment of unsightly varicose or thread veins or any of their complications - discomfort, discolouration or ulceration you will want to ensure the highest standards of treatment at a time to suit you.


At the British Varicose Vein Centres we understand that comfort and appearance is important to you and you will want the reassurance of being able to obtain the most effective treatment without having to wait.


It is a regrettable fact that few NHS hospitals have vascular specialists experienced in the latest diagnostic methods so essential for the successful treatment of varicose veins and thread veins.


Peace of MindEven where available, NHS delays, postponements and cancellations are frequent due to limited resources. Waiting lists may extend up to two years. Furthermore, the treatment offered may be performed by junior or non-specialist surgeons not trained in modern investigative methods. This could lead to scarring or vein recurrences due to poor surgical technique plus NHS treatment is simply not available at all for “cosmetic” conditions.


The British Varicose Vein Centre are committed to providing a personalised service of the highest quality. We have dedicated ourselves solely to the diagnosis and treatment of venous problems (varicose veins and thread veins).


Our consultants are experienced vascular specialists who are leading experts in their field. Our centre provides diagnostic techniques and precision treatments producing excellent surgical and cosmetic results.


This website has been prepared to provide some basic background information on varicose veins.


For further information or to arrange a consultation with one of our vein specialists to discuss your needs, please call:


Telephone: 0207 286 7274

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contacts St John and Elizabeth Hospital

For further information or to arrange a consultation contact us by the following ways:

Head Office.
The Hospital of St Johns and St. Elizabeth,
Grove End Road,
London. NW8 9NH.

0207 286 7274
0207 078 3877

Medical Director:
Mr David Greenstein MD BSc FRCS
Consultant Vascular Surgeon


St John and Elizabeth Hospital

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