Advice on Price comparison

The cost of varicose vein treatment can be complex and it can be difficult to do price comparison when looking on the internet and comparing units. Here is a guide to help make a decision. If a centre does not offer a fully inclusive package then it is very likely that the “starting from” price is low but is very likely to escalate once treatment starts and this includes the price of follow ups , ultrasound scans and extra treatment including sclerotherapy and phlebectomy perforator surgery. This will result in a high checkout price. Fully inclusive prices will cover this and so there is a guarantee the price you pay is it – there are no hidden extras. In some units the “starting from” price is therefore used to catch the eye but really has no bearing on the overall price. This is a
marketing ploy of the unit. Very often the price can double or quadruple depending on the centre. Always ask about the price of extras before booking. Even the initial consultation and scan can be misleading with some centres charging over £1000 once extras are added.

Regarding the centre, some budget units try to short cut on equipment and the quality of the equipment and disposables to save costs. This can be risky as often the consumables can be very cheaply manufactured. Whilst some consumables are more expensive the quality is reliable and as a patient it is important to know you are receiving the best treatment possible with no risks to your health rather than maximising the profit of the unit. Thus some cheap units are just that “cheap” with cost cutting measures at the expense of your safety, treatment and care. We can all cut costs with equipment but there is a trade off with its quality and thus choose not to compromise.

As to the location of the treatment many units are run in small offices, may be dirty with unhygienic carpets or buildings in which the facilities are poor, cramped and small, the staff can be few in numbers and the unit is only open in during office hours. This is because the units are trying to cut costs of using a hospital. In hospitals there are high levels of hygiene, high quality nursing care, reception and 24 hour after care facilities, privacy and private rooms. These facilities are there for your safety and care. In some vein units the doctors don’t even live in the UK or locally and only visit to treat. So if there is a complication the doctor may not even be in the country to care for you, they may know nothing about the local set up or emergency care and are there purely for commercial reasons. For that reason the hospital setting offers the safest environment for your care.

Are you prepared to risk your health in such commercial units. Many doctors in the stand alone units would not be allowed to operate in the hospitals because of lack of their UK credentials or because they do not fulfil the governance and quality assurance of the Hospital/ institution. Also if someone has a phobia to needles having treatment in a non-hospital environment is inappropriate as sedation and the post sedation monitoring always comes second best to a hospital where there are multiple staff in a recovery unit. Trying to overcome this phobia because the unit is trying to save money is a high risk strategy. Thus units that are run in non-hospital settings are sub-optional when compared to hospital safety and care. Also in these stand alone units it is very easy for their results and complications not to be peer reviewed by independent hospital Medical Directors, Matrons and large medical advisory committees.

Thus when making a consideration for vein treatment these factors should be considered when deciding which unit is right for you. You should be comfortable where you have your treatment but In my opinion the hospital environment is the most hygienic and safest place to have your treatment which includes sedation facilities in those patients that request it Moreover fully inclusive no-hidden prices offer genuine transparency and honesty in your treatment as opposed to an expensive checkout list or units trying to cut costs.

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